Unpacking the Credits: Who Creates Our Cities?

Grimshaw Foundation on Architecture and the making of London Bridge Station

Grimshaw Foundation has partnered with The Mayor of London to Unpack the Credits on the world of architecture! The collaboration aims to help young people feel inspired and motivated to think seriously about a career in the creative industries.

Watch the video below to hear more about the wide varieties of creative careers involved in architecture from the team who designed Grimshaw's London Bridge Station!

To learn more, check out the Education Resources and Films provided by the Mayor of London’s Culture Team.

Grimshaw Foundation on Architecture | Who Creates Our Cities? | Unpacking the Credits | BSL

“Creativity is an essential skill for the future. It is at the heart of innovation, driving insights and learning, and expanding what’s possible. The Foundation is committed to reconnecting the importance of creativity to young people and elevating its role across all our lives. Our focus will help young people as they navigate their careers and become the next generation of thinkers and creative game changers.” 

- Kirsten Lees, Grimshaw Foundation Trustee & Managing Partner of Grimshaw Paris

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