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Connecting young people to the world of art and architecture

“We want to enable young people to experience the art of making and the making of art, and introduce more opportunities and different career paths - opening up the world of creative industries.”



We are a global community of artists, architects and designers who want to support and inspire young people to discover the value of creativity.

The Grimshaw Foundation aims to establish a global education network, beginning in London, Sydney, Melbourne and New York. We want to benefit a diverse range of young people in schools and communities and to promote creativity and sustainability.

Architecture tours, studio visits and practical workshops led by artists, designers and architects, will be the starting point to empower young people with the skills and opportunities they need to fulfil their creative potential. Online resources and learning will increase the reach and accessibility of the Foundation, fulfilling our ambition to create an inclusive future for the next generation of thinkers and experts in the art, design and architecture community.

Students from Stratford School Academy measuring the width of Here East at the Olympic Park in East London

Our Values

The Grimshaw Foundation is formed on the creative principles of the award-winning international architecture practice, Grimshaw, which focuses on the delivery of humane, enduring, sustainable design through exploration, research and innovation.

The practice is responsible for projects which have shaped the future of our cities, infrastructure, places and spaces and integrated the practice of architecture into the wider challenges we face today across our planet.

The Foundation is a partnership between Nick Grimshaw (who founded the Grimshaw practice in 1980) and the Grimshaw partners.

“The Foundation reflects the values of Grimshaw where everyone’s input and opinion is valued, listened to and rewarded and people’s creativity is encouraged and celebrated.”

— KIRSTEN LEES, Grimshaw Managing Partner, London

Who We Are

The Grimshaw Foundation board is made up of architects, educators and people in the creative industries

Chloe Grimshaw

Chloe co-founded Plinth in 2016 to collaborate with renowned contemporary artists and designers to create limited edition prints, homeware, clothing and products. She also curated a new programme for Plinth of free talks, events, performances and exhibitions. Chloe is the creative director of the Grimshaw Foundation, exploring the relationship between art and architecture – and is the author of four books on art, design and interiors.

Lavinia Grimshaw

Lavinia studied Chinese in Paris in 1968 and went onto pursue studies in Spanish and Italian; working alongside the Grimshaw London studio since 1980, to help communications between architects, clients and contractors. She believes passionately in a creative education – working with GCSE and French A-Level students for the past thirty years – and encouraging the new generation (and her four grandchildren) to learn about art and design through hands-on-making and drawing.

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

With an artist mother and sisters, and a family history of engineers, Nick experimented with all of these different paths before arriving as an architecture student at the AA in 1965. When he founded Grimshaw in 1980 it was intended to be a place of ideas, experimentation and invention. Working at the Royal Academy (as President from 2004-2011) was another chance to explore how artists and architects could collaborate and work together. He keeps a daily sketchbook and drew from nature during lockdown.

Kirsten Lees

Kirsten is the Managing Partner of Grimshaw’s London studio; she is highly experienced in architecture, strategic planning, urban design and regeneration of sensitive environments within the arts, sports and master planning sectors.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow joined ITN in 1976 reporting from Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He served as Washington Correspondent 1983/1987; Diplomatic correspondent 1987/1989, and main anchor of Channel 4 News from 1989.

Jerry Tate

Jerry founded Tate+Co Architects in 2007, and prior to this had a lovely time working at Grimshaw, where he was mainly involved in the Eden Project. Tate+Co specialise in education, leisure and residential projects for clients who have sustainability at their heart; so work for a number of leading schools and universities. As well as this, Jerry teaches at UCL and Kansas State University; is deeply involved in a number of education initiatives for young people with organisations such as The Architect’s Livery, Open City and the RIBA; and is a governor at Cranleigh School.

Andrew Whalley

Andrew Whalley has been an instrumental part of Grimshaw since the earliest days of the practice and has been Partner in Charge of projects in diverse sectors including education, performing arts, transportation, and workplace.

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